Relationships are deeply emotional journeys filled with

 highs and lows, joys and pains, tranquility and turbulence. 

Some are more low, painful, and turbulent than others.

Join any conversation about relationships, and you'll quickly realize that 90% of the discussions are emotional in nature.

  • "I feel so drained and exhausted after dealing with my partner's toxic behavior."

  • "I can't shake this feeling of worthlessness after being belittled and criticized by my ex."

  • "I'm constantly walking on eggshells, afraid of setting off another argument."

  • "I feel suffocated by the control and manipulation in my relationship."

  • "I'm overwhelmed by the constant drama and toxicity in my social circle."

  • "I'm haunted by past traumas and struggles to trust anyone new."

These negative feelings are real, and they're weighing you down. 

But here's the thing – you don't have to carry this burden alone, and you certainly shouldn't feel bad for feeling bad. It's a normal response to the challenges of experiencing toxic relationships.

Maybe you’ve sensed that your negative emotions and feelings

may be rooted in deeply entrenched beliefs and expectations?

We're here to let you in on a little secret: 

Many of these beliefs and expectations are just plain 

bananas, unrealistic, and flat-out wrong. #sorrynotsorry

Imagine for a moment… if you could rewrite these toxic narratives and beliefs about yourself and your relationships. Picture a world where your negative feelings simply vanished, replaced by a sense of clarity, empowerment, and purpose.

That's the power of consciously recovering 

from the subconscious imprints of toxic relationships. 

It's about:

  • Challenging those deeply ingrained beliefs so you can redefine your perspective.
  • Shedding light on the toxic patterns that no longer serve you so you can pave the way for healthier relationships.
  • Reclaiming your sense of self-worth and emotional well-being so you can live a more fulfilling life.

It's not about denying your emotions or pretending that everything is fine. 

It's about acknowledging the impact of past traumas and toxic relationships while actively working to heal and grow from them.

By shifting your mindset and reframing your perspective, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Instead of feeling trapped by negative thoughts and emotions, you're armed with knowledge, self-awareness, and determination.

Since MytiZen began we've seen we've witnessed the struggles individuals face in breaking free from the emotional and physical chains of toxic relationships. We understand the overwhelming burden it can place on your shoulders – the self-doubt, the confusion, the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of negativity, and the toll it can take on your body.

People loved how our products provided a safe space for reflection, healing, and growth – and they wanted more

We learned that you could benefit from a structured, supportive program to help you consciously recover from the subconscious imprints of toxic relationships. The problem is, finding comprehensive support in one place can be challenging.

That's when the concept of a transformative 30-day program struck us—a journey crafted to cleanse both your mind and body, nurturing your soul along the way.

Here’s the vision we have for you... 

Here’s the vision we have for you…. With each new day, you'll gradually edge closer to the life you've always dreamed of—a life brimming with the meaning, joy, and fulfillment you desire. We firmly believe that when you invest in yourself and your growth through this program, the possibilities for transformation are truly boundless.

 It's about transforming your life, 

one realization, one breakthrough, and one step at a time.

We also want to spare you countless hours of aimlessly scrolling through 

endless articles on Google® or YouTube®, desperately seeking answers.

So we did a thing!

We are beyond thrilled to introduce...

The 30-Day Program to Consciously Recover from Subconscious Imprints of Toxic Relationships.


  • A Daily Lesson: Receive daily guidance to help you navigate your healing journey effectively.

  • Daily Activites and Exercises: Engage in curated activities and exercises designed to deepen your understanding and facilitate growth each day.

  • Access to a Supportive Peer-to-Peer Community: Connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey, offering encouragement and solidarity.

No distractions, no fluff – just everything you need to reclaim your sense of self-worth and empowerment.

No more feeling overwhelmed or unsure where to start. With our 30-day program, you'll have everything you need to turn that negative foggy feeling into actionable knowledge you can put to work in your life.


  • Breaking Free from Toxic Relationship Patterns: Toxic Detox provides strategies to identify and break free from recurring toxic relationship patterns that hinder your personal growth.

  • Healing Emotional Wounds: Through guided exercises and support, Toxic Detox helps you address emotional wounds caused by toxic relationships, fostering healing and emotional well-being.

  • Building Healthy Boundaries: Toxic Detox teaches you how to set and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships, promoting self-respect and empowerment.

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt and Insecurity: By addressing the root causes of self-doubt and insecurity stemming from toxic relationships, Toxic Detox empowers you to cultivate self-confidence and self-worth.

  • Managing Triggers and Emotional Reactions: Toxic Detox equips you with tools to identify and manage triggers and emotional reactions, promoting emotional regulation and resilience.

  • Improving Communication Skills: Toxic Detox helps you enhance your communication skills, fostering healthier and more effective interactions in relationships.

  • Enhancing Self-Reflection and Insight: Toxic Detox encourages self-reflection and introspection, allowing you to gain insight into your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions within relationships.

  • Reclaiming Personal Power: Toxic Detox empowers you to reclaim your personal power and autonomy, enabling you to make empowered choices and decisions in your relationships and life.

  • Cultivating Self-Love and Self-Care: Toxic Detox emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-care practices, promoting overall well-being and resilience in the face of toxic relationship dynamics.

  • Creating Healthier Relationship Dynamics: Ultimately, Toxic Detox guides you towards creating healthier, more fulfilling relationship dynamics based on mutual respect, trust, and authenticity.


checkedBreak free from toxic relationship patterns.

checkedHeal emotional wounds and build resilience.

checkedEstablish healthy boundaries and self-worth.

checkedEnhance communication and emotional regulation skills.

checkedCultivate self-love and create fulfilling relationships.

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Gabrielle C. - Founder of MytiZen

I am so excited to bring you Toxic Detox! My own healing really took off when I realized that: the road to healing physical and emotional pain starts from within. Journaling was a major part of it all.

You have to address the root causes of pain and trauma and nurture your body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. At MytiZen, we offer a holistic approach to healing that goes beyond surface-level solutions. Our products are carefully crafted to facilitate deep healing from within, allowing you to release past wounds and embrace a life of wholeness.

I’m here to help you reclaim your inner peace, serenity, and as cliché as it sounds, live your best life!

Gabrielle has been seen in magazines & online platforms like:


  • Our program is designed for everyone, regardless of your background or expertise.

  • It's crafted to be easy to follow, taking just minutes a day.

  • Cancel anytime within the first 7 days, no questions asked, with our dedicated support team ready to assist you. Email [email protected] for the friendliest and most helpful customer service.


Try before you commit. Sign up below to receive one lesson, from our Toxic Detox program. Experience the value firsthand. And if you're ready to dive in, rest assured – your access the moment you sign up!


  • What is Toxic Detox?

    Toxic Detox is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals consciously recover from the subconscious imprints of toxic relationships through guided exercises, workshops, and support.

  • How does Toxic Detox work?

    Toxic Detox provides daily guided exercises, workshops, and support over a 30-day period, empowering individuals to explore and heal from the effects of toxic relationships.

  • Who is Toxic Detox suitable for?

    Toxic Detox is suitable for anyone who has experienced or is currently in toxic relationships and seeks to heal and break free from negative patterns.

  • What can I expect from the 30-day program?

    Participants can expect daily guided exercises, workshops, and support aimed at fostering healing, self-awareness, and empowerment.

  • How long do I need to commit to Toxic Detox each day?

    Each day's activities are designed to be completed within a reasonable amount of time, typically ranging from 10 to 30 minutes.

  • Is Toxic Detox suitable for beginners?

    Yes, Toxic Detox is designed to be accessible to individuals at all levels of experience and backgrounds.

  • Can I participate in Toxic Detox if I'm currently in therapy or counseling?

    Yes, Toxic Detox can complement therapy or counseling and may provide additional support and resources for healing.

  • What if I miss a day of the program?

    While consistency is encouraged, participants can catch up on missed activities at their own pace.

  • Is there a refund policy if I'm not satisfied with Toxic Detox?

    Yes, there is a refund policy available within a specified timeframe. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

  • How do I access the resources and support offered in Toxic Detox?

    Upon enrollment, participants will receive access to the program materials via email or through an online platform.

  • Can I share my progress or experiences with others in the program?

    Yes, participants are encouraged to share their progress and experiences with the supportive community provided in Toxic Detox.

  • Still have a question we didn’t cover?!

    Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

Now, You could continue to struggle in the darkness of toxic patterns, unsure of how to break free... 

or embark on a transformative journey with us!

The choice is yours.


Toxic Detox offers a structured program based on real-world experiences and insights. It's time to shed the weight of toxic imprints and embrace the freedom that comes with reclaiming your sense of self-worth and empowerment.

We can't wait to support you on your journey to healing and transformation!

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